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    • 【一年级英语作文】《Myteacher》_2000字

      Once a teacher, always a father. My parents, they raised me. I mean, they‘ve been, like, half my life. Food and clothing are given by parents, so knowledge, morality, character, self-cultivation, co阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《日记》_450字

      3月2日 晴March 2 fine今天上午我正在弹电子琴,爸爸把我叫到小屋里,我好奇的说:“干什么啊。”爸爸说:“你写的3篇作文都发表了!”啊!不会吧? 我一看真的发表了。我简直不敢相信,但这是真的。我以后要多写文章,多多认识网上的小朋友们。This morning I was playing the electronic piano. My father called me to the hu阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《怎样取得好成绩》_1200字

      成绩是用来检验学习结果。怎样才能使分数考高呢?grades are used to test learning outcomes. How can we make the score higher?其实,想要把分数考高,并不是一件特别难的事。,首先具备的条件是要勤奋,刻苦。有人会问:怎样才能算是勤奋,刻苦呢?很简单,你只要在休息的时间做一次复习,把大概知识集中在一起,做一下回复,这样你的知识就会记阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《温泉》_50字

      My mother took me to a hot spring in Jiahe city. It was the first time I went to a hot spring. It was fun! It's so comfortable to have such a warm hot spring in winter! There are more than 100 hot spr阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《美丽的南宁》_50字

      My hometown is Nanning, which is a beautiful green city. The city flower is hibiscus and the city tree is almond. She has beautiful environment, beautiful mountains and rivers, trees and picturesque s阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《小鸭子》_50字

      I have a duck whose head looks like a ping-pong ball. The body is small, the whole body is covered with yellow hair, like wearing a space suit. Its feet are connected together. When swimming, the feet阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《放风筝》_50字

      One morning, the dog and the cat came to the field to fly kites. The kite was caught by a branch. The dog burst into tears. The kitten said, "let me help you take it down!" The kitten climbed up the t阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《画风》_50字

      One day, I was in school, art class, the teacher called us painting style. We pondered, thought, thought, all of a sudden, I drew a small curved tree. Because the trees are bent by the wind, and some 阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《礼》_1000字

      The existence of etiquette makes the individual more perfect. Etiquette is the embodiment of one‘s moral cultivation. During the Qingming Festival, you should not talk loudly or play and play in fro阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《夏天》_1200字

      Summer is a happy, hot and lively season. In the morning, the clear sky, father-in-law of the sun was inlaid with a golden halo. A group of happy little magpies chirped in the branches, as if holdi阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《In a flash, grown up》_2000字

      Most of the time, because of going too fast, a lot of things around are not noticed; Most of the time, you are imprisoned by things around you because you walk too slowly. Perhaps one of the most c阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《Seriously give up, and repeatedly back》_2000字

      In the middle of the voyage, the sailboat encountered a shipwreck and had to close its sails and set sail. During the aircraft training, in case of an accident, the pilot was ordered to abandon the阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《Perseverance will lead to success》_2000字

      Do failure after failure keep you down? Will disappointment turn into despair? No! Absolutely not! Because I believe perseverance will lead to success. Edison‘s “bright road” was so difficult. In o阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《Reading a book》_3000字

      Li Kuchan is not the only one who thinks so. Books are also the spiritual food of people all over the world. They are priceless treasures. A good book, is a good teacher, is a confidant, a bestie, w阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《会治病的啄木鸟》_100字

      Spring is coming. Grandpa banyan is ill. The moth crawled onto grandpa banyan and then into his body. Grandpa banyan felt very painful. At this time, doctor woodpecker came. When he saw that Grandpa b阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《我为自己感到骄傲》_150字

      In the evening, mom and Dad took me to the stadium. There are so many people in the stadium! There are not only fitness equipment in the stadium, but also a lot of things for children to play, such as阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《帮妈妈想办法》_400字

      In the morning, I was concentrating on practicing my words in my study. "Chen Zheng, come here quickly!" Cried mother. "Here we are!" I put down my pen and ran to the kitchen. My mother pointed to the阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《我最喜欢的一个人》_800字

      In addition to my father and mother, there is also a person I love and like very much. My best friend, Lele's father, whom I call lovingly, is Lele's father. Dad Le wears a pair of glasses like me, bu阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《丰收的秋天》_200字

      Autumn is a harvest season. I like autumn very much. In autumn, there are many fruits on the trees, chrysanthemums nodding incessantly in the rain. In the fields, the sorghum raises the burning torch,阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《过小桥》_150字

        过小桥     有一天,小兔和小刺猬来到小河边,想到河的对面去。可是,小桥不见了。因为昨天的瀑风雨把小桥吹倒了。     怎么办呢?它们想啊想,忽然,小兔子灵机一动想出个好办法。     小兔叫来了大象,又叫小刺猬去叫来长颈鹿。大象用长长的鼻子搭了一半的小桥,长颈鹿伸长了脖子和大象的鼻子连在了一起,它们搭起了一座弯弯的小桥。小白兔和小刺猬终于安全地过了河。     小鸟在树上欢阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《好消息》_200字

      In the math class, Mr. Chen said, "today I will choose the team leader and the math monitor." The teacher first selected Tang Jiahao, the first group, and asked him if he was confident of being the gr阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《湘江》_200字

      Today, it's foggy. Grandpa and I went to Xiangjiang bridge to see the scenery. First of all, we came to Xiangjiang scenery zone, where the autumn wind is cool and the autumn color is pleasant. The tal阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《老师,节日快乐!》_350字

      老师,9月10日 ,是你们的节日,你们辛苦了!谢谢曹老师,教会了我们握铅笔,手指离笔尖一寸,教会了我们正确的坐姿、眼睛要离本子一尺远、胸离桌一拳,教会了我们怎样举手回答问题,怎样正确的站立。现在,我们已经学会了“a、o、e”的四声。谢谢潘老师,教会了我们数数、比长短、比重量、比高矮,比远近。还鼓励我们:别看我们一八班的个子矮,但是我们很聪明!潘老师,你辛苦了,每天早晨和下午,你都是早早的去教室,等阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《游少年宫》_250字

      Today, we go to the children's palace. After we bought a game card, we played the children's mountain climbing car. The children's mountain climbing car is made up of ten cars, which looks like real. 阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《可爱的洋娃娃》_150字

        刘老师从家里拿来了一个可爱的洋娃娃。   洋娃娃披着又长又卷的头发,黄黄的,在阳光下,闪闪发亮。细细的眉毛像嫩嫩的柳叶,睫毛又长又弯。眼睛是棕色的,亮晶晶的,像水晶球。鼻子很高,嘴巴一直在笑,笑的那样甜,那样的美,她好像交了很多新朋友,太开心了!   她穿着一件黄色的外衣,衣服钉了几朵桔黄色的小花,非常漂亮。它系着一条黄色的围巾,显得非常可爱。它穿着雪白的裤子,很干净。   凑近阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《我和小猫在一起》_300字

      Today, I went to May Fourth Square with my mother and father. After playing for a while, I thought of other places to have a look. When my mother and father didn't pay attention, I quickly ran to the 阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《看房》_100字

        2009年7月21日 星期二 晴天   今天,我和爸爸妈妈来到玺园看二伯家买的房。走进售楼厅,售楼阿姨拿了安全帽带我们走到房子的东边电梯上去,电梯到了22楼。我好奇的走过去,看到有个好大的阳台,房子也非常大,有四个房间,一个客厅,一个餐厅,两个洗手间,还送了一个阳台。楼房下面有车库,游泳池,游乐场........   我看了这个房子,我也想买。阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《葱》_250字

      Today, I'd like to introduce a new friend to you, which is "onion". Its shape is like a straight warrior. Its upper end is green with green leaves, and its lower end is snow-white with green leaves. T阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《吹 泡 泡》_150字

        吹 泡 泡     泉州师院附属丰泽小学 孙玉恒     星期天,我一个人在家里,觉得很孤独。我看见电视里的大哥哥大姐姐在比赛吹泡泡,心想:我也来玩吹泡泡吧。于是我找了一根吸管,又用肥皂做了一些泡泡水。  我来到院子里,轻轻地吹起了一个个圆圆的泡泡。这些泡泡有的大有的小,一个接一个,就像一个个幸福的家庭。看着这些泡泡,我心想:泡泡孩子们有爸爸妈妈陪着,多开心呀!要是我的爸爸妈妈能阅读全文

    • 【一年级英语作文】《老鹰捉小鸡》_50字

        昨天下午,我和同学在草坪上玩老鹰捉小鸡的游戏。     我扮老鹰,小雪扮鸡妈妈,其他同学扮小鸡。我一会儿向左跑,一会儿向右跑去捉小鸡。鸡妈妈跑去跑来地保护小鸡,小鸡躲来躲去。     我们昨天下午玩得很开心。  阅读全文


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