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    • 【四年级英语作文】《我家的小鸭子》_400字

      Ducks are very cute, with small round head, a yellow mouth, round and flat, a pair of round eyes set on both sides of the head, always like to look East and West, really like a scout. Ducks wear cloth阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我家的猫》_200字

      My cat has a cat in my house. Its eyes are brighter than lanterns at night. Its tail is long. When it looks close, it is a cat. When it looks far, it looks like a tiger. Its fur is very colorful and b阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《致酒泉卫星发射中心叔叔阿姨的一封信》_300字

      Dear all aunts and uncles of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center: Hello! I am a student of grade 3, No. 4 primary school in Linchuan, Jiangxi Province. I wrote this letter to you with great respect. Septe阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《快乐的课》_250字

      Today, Mr. Li asked us to show our talents. Some of the students drew pictures, some of them wrote calligraphy, and some of them sang songs. We also played the game of "big teapot"! The teacher said, 阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《缩头乌龟》_300字

      When Chen Tao was in grade 2, class 4 (3) of Ziguo primary school, my father didn't know why he bought me a turtle. At that time, it was close to June 1. It was a coincidence that I was chosen to play阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《游西塘》_450字

      Today is the fifth day of the lunar new year. The rainy weather is far away from us. Father-in-law sun has a lovely smile on his face. I am also excited. I want to go to Xitang, the ancient town with 阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《今天我当家》_350字

      Today is Sunday. It's also the annual mother's day. I think: this year's mother's day, let mom rest! Dad accompany mom out to buy some things. With their consent, I decided that I would take charge of阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我眼中的我》_300字

      Round head, big eyes, long eyelashes, short stature and strong body. This is me, a boy in class 6, No.4 junior middle school in Linchuan. Many people say that I look like Xiaoyu in family with childre阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《聪明的兔子》_500字

      There is a farmer who has been working in a judge's house for a long time. He keeps a rabbit. He is very intimate with him. They often talk with each other. One morning, the judge was sleeping when he阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我家的小金鱼》_250字

      我家里养了两条小金鱼,它们都非常漂亮。 小金鱼全身都是橘黄色的,像穿着漂亮的纱裙一样。它们的头可大呢,圆圆的眼睛注视着鱼缸外面,像黑宝石一样;大大的嘴巴不停地一张一合。椭圆的身子,像扇子一样的大尾巴,在水中一摆摆地游动,非常灵活。听话,如果水金鱼橘黄色的鱼鲮掉了,它就会死去的。 我家小金鱼吃的是鱼食。它们吃东西的样子非常可爱,只要我向鱼缸里撒点鱼食,它们就立刻用鱼鳍和鱼尾摆动水游过来,张阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《成长歌》_100字

      Small seedlings, grow fast and quickly. Drizzle a little, drip. Children get up early and do exercises. Your health, I am happy, health is the most important. The sun is so bright at noon. The childre阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小乌龟》_350字

      There is a turtle just over one year old in my family. Its body is green and green. Its lovely appearance has to make me love it. Its claws are so sharp that when I see him, my heart will be hairy, wh阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《秋天的小花园》_300字

      Autumn is a harvest season, autumn is a mature season, autumn is a busy season, but also a happy season. I love autumn, and I love autumn garden more. There is a garden near my home, which is a very s阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我观察昙花一现》_600字

      今天课堂上听老师说昙花是在于晚上九点左右开花的,太有意思,我想观察看看。我家恰好有种一盆昙花。为什么昙花不只白天不开花,到了深夜也不开花。我跑去问爸爸,昙花为什么只能“一现”呢? 爸爸思索一下,耐心地对我说,“昙花是属仙人掌科植物。茎、叶都已发生了变态,老茎呈圆柱形且木质化,茎上有一层蜡质;叶子已退化成很细的针状。昙花的开花季节一般在6至10月,开花的时间一般在晚上8~9点钟以后,盛开的阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《暑假趣事》_200字

      During the last 29 days of summer vacation, my brother came to my house to play, and my family warmly received my brother. In the evening, we decided to go climbing tomorrow. The next day, we got up v阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我家的小猫》_100字

      My cat is very beautiful and lovely. Its eyes are big and light blue. Except for the hair on its head, the hair in other places is all white. The black hair on his head is like our hair growing on his阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小猫》_300字

      Today, Mr. Chu brought a lovely kitten from home. Its name is Mimi. I'm so happy to see the kitten. When I carefully observed it, I saw that it was white, with only a handful of black cats on its head阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《桃子》_200字

      我的家乡在枣阳,是出了名的中国桃之乡,桃子成熟了,甜津津的,口感非常好。 春天来了,粉红色的桃花开了,象小孩儿的脸,美丽极了! 过了不久,粉红色的桃花纷纷落下,象天女散花一样,飘飘扬扬,十分好看。不知什么时候,小桃偷偷地向外钻了出来,毛茸茸的,青青的。等到桃子长到鸡蛋大小,颜色由青变白,只是仍然浑身都是毛,不过毛越变越白,越变越细了。 慢慢地,桃子成熟了,红里透着白,一个个象雪阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《太阳》_600字

      The sun, the moon and the earth are three twin brothers. One day the universe teacher said, "please get ready for the exam next Monday." Go back to the sun study hard every day. Earth choose to work a阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小乌龟》_300字

      Today, Mr. Wang brought a little turtle. Its abdomen is light blue. There are eight dark green dots on it. On the whole, it looks like the eight tubes in the mahjong. It has a triangular head like a s阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《太阳》_350字

      "In order to pursue light and heat, I threw myself into the light, and finally died under the light, or immersed in oil, creating the legend of moths fighting fire. Moths are praiseworthy. At the last阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《我家的小猫》_150字

      My family has a kitten. I named it "black Mimi". Teacher, do you have a cat? My cat is lovely. It has a pair of triangle ears on its head. Under the ears are a pair of sapphire eyes and a long beard. 阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小白兔》_500字

      On Sunday, when my mother and I went shopping together, we met an old grandfather who sold rabbits. There is a cage on his bike. There is only one rabbit left in it. The rabbit's hair is snow-white, t阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小白兔》_250字

      我住在城市花园的时候,家里买了一只小白兔。那只小白兔漂亮极了,它的毛白白的,眼睛红红的,身子胖乎乎地象一个球,走起路来一摆一摆的非常好笑。 我很喜欢那只小白兔,经常和它一起玩。有一次,我摘了一些新鲜的青草,拿去给小白兔吃,只见它用前爪抓住笼子,后脚立起来,仰着头吃我手中的草,那样子真可爱,逗得我哈哈大笑。 可惜不久小白兔就死了,你们知道它是怎么死的吗?不知道吧,让我来告诉你们吧!那一天是阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《暑假里的一件事》_150字

      一天,我和爸爸上楼,爸爸说要教我学电脑,我可高兴了! 爸爸首先教我怎样开机,然后教我怎样打开文件进行操作,还教我学会了画画,最后教我怎样关机,我认真的进行了学习。过了几天,我想去试一试,看我学会了么?我操作了好几遍,都可以顺利地找到文件,我真的学会了!以后,我要利用上网来帮我学习更多我在课本上学不到的知识,解决更多的问题,电脑永远是我的好朋友! 从这件事中我知道了,对任何事都要阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小猫》_400字

      我有一只可爱的小猫,我给她起了个名字叫咪咪。 咪咪有一副花脸蛋,一双蓝蓝的大眼睛,像块蓝宝石。脸蛋上有一张可爱的小嘴,小嘴旁边有几根胡子,一翘一翘的。 咪咪常常睁着大眼睛在夜间的屋子里观察着每一个角落,再加上咪咪有一条毛茸茸的尾巴,挺在上面,嘿,样子甭提多威武了! 我爱咪咪,常逗它玩。有一次,我把一个乒乓球扔出去,咪咪连忙跑去把乒乓球推回来。还有一次,我发现咪咪很会听阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《运动会》_450字

      一年一度的运动会如期而至。 一群北飞的候鸟因为热火朝天的场面而盘旋在田径场上,留恋着这里与寂静的天空截然不同的热闹。这是个非同寻常的日子。场上的运动员们正在这个不同寻常的舞台上尽情地展示自己的风采。而也有一群人好想和他们一样在运动场上挥洒青春的汗水,为班级增光添彩。可是,有些事总是心有余,而力不足。于是,他便把所有的热情和希望,都倾注在运动员身上。向来与运动会无缘的我,做场外观众的我,只阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小乌龟》_450字

      There is a little turtle in my family. It was my aunt's birthday present last year. It's not half the size of my hand. Its head is the size of my little finger, with a pair of black eyes on it. It's f阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《可爱的小乌龟》_150字

      My little turtle is full of patterns. Its head is like a small "missile". Its eyes are bright like little pearls. Its nostrils are small and its mouth is crooked. When he walked, he took a big step fo阅读全文

    • 【四年级英语作文】《彭园快乐游》_900字

      Today's May Day holiday, I went to PENGYUAN with my mother. We came to the zoo first. Walking along, we suddenly heard the radio: "the animal show will start soon!"! The animal show will begin soon! "阅读全文


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