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    • 【高一英语作文】《秋天的校园》_150字

      Campus in autumn is more popular. The flower bed in front of the building is full of colorful flowers. When the autumn wind blows, they are bending their tender waist branches, as if they are saluting阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《秋天的校园》_200字

      Campus in autumn: in the morning, I walked with Miss Qiu and came to the school happily. Just arrived at the school, I found that the fragrance of Osmanthus before was gone. I ran to the backyard quic阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《心怀希望》_3000字

      “XXX, 91 points! 20. 94! 30. 84 points! ” The teacher‘s serious voice rang in my ear. Because the math teacher is according to the student number from front to back, I am the 13th, and now I have r阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《青春不迷茫》_2000字

      Flower, the end of carving thanks.Wind, accept the pursuit.It doesn‘t matter if there are some heart injuries. I accept your decision. ——Inscription How far is it forever? At that time, I often as阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《成功的经验》_3000字

      Yang Huimin, who was admitted to Peking University from Pengpu middle school with excellent results, used three key words to summarize her successful experience: preparation, foundation and persiste阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Hard work makes life wonderful》_3000字

      Every time the real success depends on strength, and every point of strength promotion, the test is to adhere to. If someone asks me, “what is the secret of success? I would say, ”it’s persistence.阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Never give up》_3000字

      Xunzi once said, “if you persevere, you will not break the rotten wood; if you persevere, you can carve out gold and stone.” It can be seen that from ancient times, we began to advocate perseveranc阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《竞选成功》_1500字

      Today, our class held an election for the Central team Committee. My heart trembles nervously. I don‘t know if I can be elected squadron leader or study committee this time.Carefully prepared the ma阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《this day》_1500字

      On this day, it was my turn to be the “monitor on duty” to manage the discipline of the day. The teacher gave me the class log. I was excited and nervous. I was afraid that there would be any violat阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《A Letter To The Students In Senior High School》_1200字

      Dear friends, As afreshman in college, I am delighted to share my experience in senior highschool to you. I hope that there will be beneficial to you. Like most of people, I was full of ambitionan阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《作文》_650字

      September,24,2020 Dear Xu Ting, I have known from your letter that you‘re worrying about feeling lonely after school. Here are some suggestions as follows. From my point of view, it would be wise阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Hard work makes life wonderful》_3000字

      Hard life is the most wonderful, because of continuous efforts, life can be constantly brilliant. The aroma of orange peel still remains at the fingertips, and the strong tea continues one cup afte阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Youth is a song》_2000字

      Youth is a song, singing the most memorable time of life; youth is a painting, outlining the most wonderful scene of life; youth is a poem, praising the most dazzling moment of life. Youth is the g阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《If you work hard, you will live up to it》_3000字

      That night, I couldn’t sleep over and over, and her words kept ringing in my ears - “I won‘t study next semester.” She said it with a smile, so helpless.When I arrived at school early this morning,阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Sunshine always comes after the rain》_2000字

      “Sunshine is always after the wind and rain, please believe that there is a rainbow, wind and rain are accepted, we accompany you around...”. I also experienced some ups and downs, rugged and rough阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《我的梦想》_150字

      My dream my dream is to be a policeman when I grow up. When I was a child, I saw the uniformed police and felt special. When I saw the police risking their lives to rescue people on TV, I had a more w阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《作文》_500字

      Dear Fred, Iwould love to share something about my first senior high school day with you. Tobegin with, my school is very large and beautiful with a big playground and alarge garden. Besides,the t阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《坚持就是胜利》_200字

      This morning, we have a fierce competition - Hula Hoop competition. Just listen to teacher Cui, "the game begins!" Our hula hoop turns flexibly on our waist. Suddenly, Liu Mingxuan is defeated. Then, 阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《作文》_750字

      Dear John. I have known that you had trouble adapting to the senior high school life. And I understand quite well that you feel anxious and upset. Here I am writing to give you some advice. I recom阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《阅读使人生更美好》_3000字

      In school, we learn how to read, one of the greatest and most difficult human skills.Every one of us has come across such a thing: read the book assigned by the teacher. I don‘t want to read Moby D阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《暑假回忆》_3000字

      My school is in the suburb of Hangzhou, where there are mountains and water. This spring this year is really very strange, very strange, the weather is particularly hot, so as hot as summer weather阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《How to Learn English》_650字

      English is a beautiful language. There are always some people in the study life who can‘t learn English. I think they didn’t find a way to learn English. So I‘m going to make the following suggestio阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《New coronary pneumonia》_1500字

      2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003. I saw in the ne阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Face up to life》_3000字

      Life, vulgar again vulgar but the noun, ordinary again ordinary but the day. We do it every day. We do it. Start, difficult, rich, poor, are in this mediocre life on the track of toil. Chai, sour, s阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《To conquer yourself》_2000字

      Their own way, is this shore; Other people‘s way, is the other shore. Only to see the distance of poetry and painting, their own feet, but always just hard rock broken sand, little do not know, thei阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《There is a belief》_2000字

      There is a belief, through time and space. There is a faith that grows stronger with age. Who was the first to write with a knot, who carved a totem on the bones? Who is the heart of history, who i阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Often think》_2000字

      Not all memories are good, not all people are worth remembering. Years of the river is too long, most of the people and things will be mercilessly washed away. However, everything related to youth,阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Death is never liberation》_3000字

      It is said that everyone‘s life is a miracle in this universe. Regrettably, however, we were unable to choose the beginning of this miracle. So, the theory of fate has raged to this day. I don’t k阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《wandering》_2000字

      On that day, the dream was broken, the beautiful dream went, leaving a lot of sadness, in the face of feelings no dream to accompany only bow and think. Open the old diary, my heart is a little mor阅读全文

    • 【高一英语作文】《Cold and funny》_3000字

      In others‘ eyes, I always have a trend-setter, I knew I was in fact a conservative, or I am a garbage collector, others do not do the things I do with relish, just because it is neglected, I always阅读全文


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