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    • 【二年级英语作文】《聪明的老虎》_250字

      One day, a little tiger came out for a walk and passed by rivers and mountains. On the way, he made a kind friend "bird". They also returned home peacefully. But in the mountains and rivers, the birds阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《拔河比赛》_300字

      Friday afternoon is an interesting tug of war between our class and class 29. Each class has 10 participants. In the playground, the students are in full swing waiting for the start of the game. The t阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《交朋友》_150字

      I'm happy to make friends today. Because I have a new friend, her name is Zhang Ye. In the evening, my mother took me to the Nanhu roller skating rink. We came to the ice rink happily. There was a gir阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《美丽的秋天》_100字

      After the hot summer, we walked into the cool autumn. What a beautiful autumn scene! In the orchard, golden pears hang all over the branches; red apples are like little lanterns; clusters of grapes ar阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《荡舟游园》_150字

      After a dry meal today, my family is going to go boating. When we got to the lakeside of the park, our family took a boat. Look, the scenery there is really beautiful. There is a beautiful small stone阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《摩尔庄园》_100字

      I like the game Moore's manor best. There are pets and competitions in it! My Moore's name is cocoa. It's level 5. Lam is senior. Because I caught up with the Goblet of fire, I went to sign up for it.阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《感动》_100字

      Friendship 2 (3) ban lumengyao had a Chinese class this morning. When the teacher asked us to take the book, I found that I forgot to bring the Chinese textbook. When I was in a hurry, Huang Jingpeng 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《教师节的祝福》_150字

      Today is teacher's day on September 10. Early in the morning, I came to the school with excitement to send my teachers the blessing of teacher's day. Some of the students sent a music card to let the 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《我的家》_150字

      There are three people in my family, Dad. Mom and me. I study in Feiyun Town Central Primary School. I am a student of class 3, grade 2. Dad works in Ryan. He is a worker. He likes to play billiards. 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《第一次》_250字

      There are many firsts in one's life. For the first time, there was novelty, joy, sadness and tension. Anyway, it impressed us for the first time. The first time I learned the energy board, I kept hold阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《会浮在水面上的针》_200字

      Can you believe that the needle will float on the water? On Saturday morning, my mother and I did the experiment of needle floating on the water. First, my mother found a needle, a clip and half a bas阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《美丽的秋天》_150字

      The beautiful autumn is coming. The weather is getting cold. A group of geese are flying to the south in a big "human" line. The fruit in the orchard is ripe, and the red and round apples are covered 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《洗手绢》_100字

      On Sunday morning, it was sunny and cloudless. After breakfast, my mother asked me to wash my handkerchief. I was very happy to agree. First of all, I took a basin of water, soaked the handkerchief, s阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《学炒菜》_150字

      Today, my grandmother called me to teach me how to cook. As soon as I got to the stove, I felt too hot and sweated all over. I think grandma is old, but it's not easy to do housework for us. I must le阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《赚钱》_400字

      During the summer vacation, in order to experience life, several students and I took toys and books from childhood to sell in the nearby kindergarten. First we divided five of us into two groups, and 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《农夫和熊》_150字

      One day, the bear was so hungry that he wanted to go out and find something to eat. When the bear came to the field, he saw a farmer and wanted to eat him. When the farmer saw the bear, he came up wit阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《六岭山》_150字

      This morning, Miss Liu took us to Liuling mountain to have a look. We lined up to the top of the mountain and saw a monument. The monument, like a rocket ready to launch, stands on the hillside. It is阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《观荷》_150字

      This afternoon, with the sound of cicadas, we came to the beautiful West Lake. In the hot summer, there is no way to resist the temptation of beautiful scenery to tourists. Not far away came a light f阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《夏夜多美》_100字

      What a beautiful summer night! The flowers are sleeping, the grass is sleeping, and the trees are watering. A lotus in the pool also closed its eyes gently. A dragonfly stood on the round lotus leaf, 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《倒霉熊》_200字

      This evening, my mother and I sat by the computer and watched "unlucky bear" with relish. It wasn't a burst of hearty laughter. Well! You see, as long as unlucky bear comes out, it will make a series 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《一双惹麻烦的溜冰鞋》_150字

      When I was very young, I wanted to have a pair of skates that skated like ostriches. This national day, my dream has come true, and I can finally go skating. However, this pair of skates did not liste阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《动物园》_200字

      It's a nice day today. Mr. Huang and his classmates came to the zoo happily. They came to monkey mountain and saw many lively and lovely monkeys. We saw one of the most naughty monkeys, it was eating 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《春天是这样来的》_100字

      This is how spring comes. Ha ha! Jasmine opens its goose yellow mouth. Ah, spring comes with a tune! Brush, brush! Spring rain is pulling the silver thread. Ah, spring is spun by spinning women! Quack阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《教师节的那一天》_100字

      The day of teachers' Day is September 11, Tuesday. It's sunny. September 10 is teachers' day. On that day, many children in our class send flowers and greeting cards to teachers. There are Mao Zuyu, Z阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《快乐的 “六一”》_250字

      Happy "61" today is "61" International Children's day, which is our children's own festival. Although it was drizzling outside, it didn't affect our happiness at all. In the afternoon, our class will 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《我有新外号了》_150字

      My nickname is "Caterpillar". Because the students caught a caterpillar from the outside, thought of me, gave me a nickname. I am very distressed that my classmates call me that. I also know the new n阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《贵宾犬白雪》_150字

      On my birthday, my aunt gave me a poodle. I named it "white snow". White snow is white. That's why it's named. Two black eyes, very cute. The four calves are not long or short, the body is not fat or 阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《妈妈教我学做饭》_200字

      Today, my mother taught me how to cook. Let's cut the vegetables first, then cut the seasonings, then open the pot to squeeze oil, then pour the vegetables and seasonings in, then fry them, and then t阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《和我一天出生的小伙伴》_250字

      Niuniu is a little partner who was born with me one day. She is also a girl. When she was a little girl, even though she wore a skirt, people thought she was a boy! We haven't seen each other for a lo阅读全文

    • 【二年级英语作文】《不一样的小鸟》_250字

      It's summer vacation. My mother and I take the train to my grandmother's house to visit my old grandmother and my sick grandfather. As soon as I got home, I heard the bird "Hello, hello". It turned ou阅读全文


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