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    • 【大学英语英语作文】《什么是领导?》_1200字

        什么是领导?   What Makes a Leader?   A leader is the head of a school or enterprise. He is the guide and supervisor as well as a boss or manager. In a sense a leader is the pacesetter 阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学生应该打击犯罪行为吗?》_1500字

      Nowadays, more and more college students are becoming enthusiastic about the healthy development of the society. They even actively participate in the fight against the criminality at the risk of t阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《A Letter to a Friend》_1500字

      Dear Zhang Wei, I’m glad to know that you are coming to my city during the summer vacation. However, I’m afraid there’s some bad news. I’m planning to take阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2011下半年大学英语四级考试预测作文06》_2000字

      2011下半年大学英语四级考试预测作文06 For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Living alone or Living with Roommates? You should write at least 120 words following the阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《Attend Your Classes Regularly》_1500字

      Nowadays it is a very common phenomenon that some university students are late for or even absent from classes. And still there are some students who slip out of the classroom before the class is阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学生使用信用卡》_1500字

      On Credit Card
      At present, a wide vareity of credit cards issued by major banks and shopping malls are thriving in colleges and universities across the nation, with a multit阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学讲座》_1500字

      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Opinion on Campus Lectures. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in 阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《名牌大学降低标准》_3000字

      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Should Universities lower Admission Requirements for Celebrities? You should write at least 150 words, and 阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学校园占座现象》_3000字

      2011下半年英语四级优秀范文之大学校园占座现象 On College Students’ Occupying Seats 1.在大学校园里,占座是很普遍的现象 2.有人认为,大学生课前占座是不文明的行为,也有人持不同意见 3.我的看法 【精彩范文】 On College Studen阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文模板》_3000字

      2011年12月英语四级考试于12月17日举行,恒星英语学习网整理“大学英语四级作文模板”供广大考生冲刺使用,预祝大家取得好成绩! 一、说明原因型模板
      Currently, XX has been the order of the day. This does demonstrate the theory —— no阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2011年12月大学英语四级考试作文范文》_1500字

      Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will Nothing runs smoothly in our life. To achieve things successfully, a strong will is essential. Life is like a Marathon. Many people can’t get to阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2011年12月大学英语四级作文之范文点评》_600字

      Part I Writing 文章点评: 本文属于话题类作文,只看题目 “Nothing Succeeds without a strong will”考生会觉得比较抽象,难以下手。细看题目说明中给出了提示,要求考生结合戒烟屡次不成功的幽默引语对该话题进行分析阐述。 总体来说,这是一篇“中等偏上”阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《A Most Unlucky Day》_2000字

      I had a streak of tough luck yesterday. Everything, it seemed to me, went wrong. And I simply couldn’t understand why all the bad things happened to me in one single day. In the mor阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《Go on a Mediterranean Journey》_3000字

      My wife and I have always enjoyed traveling by sea,and last year we decided to go on a Mediterranean journey. Although our holiday was rather expensive we thought that the high standard of accomm阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《How I Overcome Difficulties in Learning English》_2000字

      A Famous Clock When you visit London, one of the first things you will see is Big Ben, the famous clock which can be heard all over the world on the B.B.C. If the Houses of Parliament had阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《Goals》_1500字

      Everyone has goals. Many people do not reach their goals for lack of planning. These three sets of goals should be developed: lifetime, intermediate and short term. Lifetime goals should 阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2012大学英语四级考试写作辅导教程(八)》_1500字

      借助说明文的构思方法,看看下列题目该如何写: (1)The Layout of a Hospital Direction: You are asked to write a composition about “The Layout Of a Hospital”。 Locate some important departments in阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2012大学英语四级考试写作辅导教程(九)》_1500字

      How to Lose Weight 思路提示:第一段先综述现象:大家都想保持身材要求减肥。第二段介绍多余的体重在身体中形成的原因。第三段提出相应的减肥方法。在最后一段,提出总结性的看法,指出减肥的要诀就是:减少摄入的卡路里,通过运动增加卡路里的消耗量。 参考范文 How to Lose Weight A beautiful a阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2012大学英语四级考试写作辅导教程(十)》_1200字

      议论文的思路与练习(1) 议论文又称论说文,是一种既常见又十分重要的文体。在四级作文考试中运用得最多。议论文通常采用摆事实讲道理的方式,围绕着某一个有争议的观点展开论证,陈述各种理由,表明作者立场、阐明作者观点看法。在文章中要明确地表明赞成什么、反对什么,用词不能模棱两可,必须明确肯定。议论文的三要素是论点、论据和论证,其中论点要鲜明,论据要合理、恰当、充分,论证过程要逻辑严阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2012大学英语四级考试写作辅导教程(十二)》_2000字

      议论文的思路与练习(2) 分类思考法 为了尽快地帮助同学们在尽可能短的时间里熟悉四级作文的命题思路,以及在短时间内能够找到合适的论述理由,我们通过分析历年四级考试真题并研究了命题方向,在此基础上总结了四级作文通用的十大思考方向,很多题目要求考生分析某一现象发生原因或可能产生的影响,我们不妨从以下十个方向进行思考,打开思路: 1) 方便:conv阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《2012大学英语四级考试写作辅导教程(十三)》_3000字

      4) 心理与性格:mental health, spiritual health, psychological health, personality, character 好的性格 independent, independence, independently, cooperate, cooperative, cooperation, compete, competiti阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(3)》_3000字

      21. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that college degrees are a guarantee of intelligence .


      22. A growing number of people are beginn阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(5)》_3000字

      41. China needs to reexamine the results of political and social modernization in order to ascertain the benefits and indeed the detrimental aspects from a new perspective . Otherwise , various per阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(6)》_3000字

      51. There are no immediate solutions for reversing the Asian financial crisis , but convincing affected nations to practice fiscal restraint will be highly beneficial . 没有能立即扭转亚洲金融危机的办法,但是,阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(7)》_3000字

      61. Admittedly , ensuring sustainable development will require a certain level of sacrifice and arduous efforts on the part of all people . Nonetheless , the accrued returns will both strengthen th阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(8)》_3000字

      71. Identifying the reasons for an emerging phenomenon which involves several complicated factors is far from an easy task . For example , some scientists attribute environmental deterioration to a阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(9)》_3000字

      81. Although we do not know the long-term consequences of separation or deprivation , we do know that they can produce acute immediate distress . 虽然我们不知道分离和丧失亲人的长期后果,但我们知道它们能立即引起剧烈的悲痛。

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(10)》_3000字

      91. The tumultuous Cultural Revolution was chiefly responsible for the searing desire for change in China . 混乱的文化大革命是引起对中国发生变化的极度渴望的主要原因。

      92. Traditional beliefs do not in them阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(11)》_2000字

      101. Effluent discharges of industrial wastewater and raw sewage into rivers , lakes and inshore coastal areas have not only adversely affected marine life and aquatic resources , but have also jeo阅读全文

    • 【大学英语英语作文】《大学英语四级作文常用句型推荐(12)》_3000字

      111. The ridiculous amount of money some countries spend on military hardware is absurd when considering the number of people starving in many developing countries . 考虑到一些发展中国家挨饿的人的数量,一些国家把阅读全文

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