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    • 【初一英语作文】《Fit in》_400字

      Fit in She was so angry that she crouched down and did not go. Her eyes were full of tears, and the scenery before her was like a dead leaf. Before her smile could be rosy, she watched the man in f阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《又读黄河》_3000字

      无数次的穿越黄河,无数次的研读和思索。Countless times of crossing the Yellow River, countless times of study and thinking.这是一条绵亘古今、跨越时空的河;这是一条百折不挠、誓死入海的河;这是一条让人敬仰、让人畏惧的河。This is a river that stretches from ancient times阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《妈妈的唠叨》_150字

      My mother likes to nag. You see, when it's still dim and bright, mom's Radio starts: "little lazy pig, get up soon. If you don't get up again, you will be late for school!" I rubbed my eyes and fell a阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《早晨》_600字

      In the morning, the crisp bell woke me up from my sleep. My mother and I went to Jiangbin park for morning exercise. Summer morning, a lively, everyone bathed in the morning wind. Some children are sk阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《dream》_1500字

      I am an extraordinary person, I know astronomy in the eyes of everyone, the next know geography. I used to be a “Wolong” who lived in a thatched cottage. Now I am the “heart” of the country. That‘s阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《家乡》_1500字

      The “jingle bell” phone rang. I answered the phone and heard my classmate say to me, “you haven‘t been back in Zhuhai for 20 years. Come back and have a look now if you are free.” I hurried to Zhuha阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《清明节》_450字

      "It rained in succession during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road wanted to break their souls..." Every year in this solar term, we will recite the poem of Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynas阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《我的自画像》_200字

      My self portrait this year, I am 7 years old. I have a pair of eyes that will be found. I have a smart and smart head and a row of irregular teeth. Ha ha! I'm changing my teeth! My dexterous hands can阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《自我介绍》_450字

      Hello,everyone,my name is XXX . I am a little introverted girl. It‘s my honor to be a classmate of you.I like listening music, singing,reading books,eating delicious food and chasing stars.Xiao Zha阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《秋天来了》_150字

      Autumn has come, the leaves on the trees have turned yellow, and they have all fallen down, like a yellow butterfly dancing. The autumn wind blows gently, sending out a series of exhortations. Autumn 阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《志愿者工作》_900字

      Hello,everybody!We will invite you to Homes for the elderly this Thursday afternoon.Let me tell you something about it. The home for the elderly is in the center of the town and it’s south of our s阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Struggle》_1000字

      Today is the happiest day of my summer vacation. Because I finally proved that all the efforts and efforts have not been in vain, I succeeded! When I first joined the basketball class, I had no exp阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Waiting for sensible》_2000字

      Freedom, once so feverishly sought by youth, now swings with the breeze to another land of burning flowers. People who used to be arrogant and contemptuous are now marching to another distant place阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Memory of the past》_2000字

      Always stubbornly think: dream is the outlet of memory. In the dead of night, between half a dream and half a wake, memory slowly comes out. We all thought it was just a dream, so calm aftertaste. I阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Good faith lights a lamp》_3000字

      Is good faith lost after all, still exist? Where did the disappointment return? Where are they and where are they hiding? Is the loss or the existence, has become a new topic: some people say: the s阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Look at the world from another Angle》_2000字

      The world has many kinds of colorful, the world has many kinds of gorgeous, maybe you and I are not very clear. When a person has gone through all kinds of hardships and bitterness, he will understa阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Learn to strong》_3000字

      Everyone‘s success is a thorns road, for the bloody wound, the best medicine is to learn to be strong. There is a landslide in front of the face does not change the color of the quality called stro阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《The survival of the fittest》_2000字

      “Natural selection, survival of the fittest,” in a word, competition is everywhere. Competition -- it is like a rose in the great garden of human society. It has both delicate and fragrant flowers a阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《The theory of ordinary people》_3000字

      From ancient times to the present. Ordinary people is a humble, vulgar, low vulnerable groups. They are neither valued nor valued by the state, nor oppressed or coerced. They have neither become the阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《decline》_2000字

      There is a mood is lost, there is a beautiful is to give up. To give up silently once, to give up a friend who is in love but not in share, to give up a feeling that waits for nothing, to give up so阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《The loser》_3000字

      Be on your own at all times. No one can help you. Only you can save yourself. I tied the bell myself, but of course only I could untie it. I don‘t know what kind of person I am, but I feel weak, i阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《A letter to John.》_600字

      The restaurant in the central of the city and if famous for its special food.You can get there easily and quickly. There are all kinds of food in the restaurant, you can not only taste Chinese food阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Lost:A schoolbag》_300字

      I‘m Bill.I lost a schoolbag in the school.Schoolbag is blue and white.Some books,a pencil box and a photo of my family in the schoolbag.My pencil box is black.My name on the pencil box.My grandparen阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Eating Habits And Sports》_300字

      I have good eating habits.For breakfast,I like eggs and noodles.For lunch,I like meat and vegetable.For dinner,I like fishes and vegetable.I like vegetables.Because vegetable are health. I like pla阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《My friend Eric》_150字

      My name is Li Ping.This is Eric.His last name is Green.He is my friend.He is in No.1 Middle School.His telephone number is 323–5678.His pen is blue.He likes blue and black.He is 11 years old.阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《A good start》_2000字

      “A year‘s plan is in spring, a day’s plan is in the morning”, “a good beginning is half of the success”, these are the two bureau warning quotes, but also the eternal truth. A good beginning is oft阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《My Pen Pal》_400字

      I have a pen pal,his name is Jam.He is in No. 3 Middle School.The school is in New York.And he is from the USA.He has short curly blone hair.He is of medium height.But he is a litte fat. And he is阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Introduce Yourself frin》_500字

      Let me tell you something about my home. My home is near the lake.And it is very nice!From my home to school it is only 2kilometers.So I go to school by bike.And my school is big and clean.I like it阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《Ideals make the future shine》_2000字

      Ideal is like a compass in the boundless sea, like a lamp in the dark road, like a horn in the race, so that we work hard for him, to struggle, to achieve... In fact, ideal is the only bet, just li阅读全文

    • 【初一英语作文】《我的自画像》_200字

      Hello everyone, my name is Huang Yuncan. I'm 7 years old. I'm in class 2, grade 2 of Yucai primary school. I'm a little tall, a little chubby. My hair is black and bright. Sometimes I tie it into a po阅读全文


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